Situated Practice
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Essay Films

Sound, image, voice. We harness the power of the essay-film as a flexible medium.
To essay, to assay, to weigh: we use the form to produce critical thought and to engage with new publics.

Where does one person begin and the other person end?
There is no way to trace its history. It doesn’t have a place on a map. It is no more than a number
Where are the people?
An investigation of a physical condition.
There are no documents, photographs, biographies
Are they here?
It is impossible to understand this place as only one project or as the reflection of a single political vision
The smaller sounds seem louder

Liberated from the constraints of a more linear way of experiencing space
The space in between tells about the atmosphere
Articulating and navigating between questions and thoughts
No one has been able to articulate what has happened
It’s not here but seems to be here all the time
How have we become so dislocated?

Buses, cars, sea gulls, birds of the playground
Contradictory visions of the city
Birds on the bridge
Selfies on the bridge
Financial centre looking a bit evil as usual
A vast ocean silence is to be heard
To amplify an individual voice to resonate to a wider collective
A bit of shine now
Concrete arches
Sky breaks a bit but nothing falls through
Finding universal in the personal

Visually collect
Colombian breakfast, hot tea, empanadas, soft words in a another language
Transient traces, spatial narratives, fragmented atmospheres
We don’t understand this place
Multiple layers that constantly confuse the past with the present and here with there
Offered in fragments open to interpretation
All of them winding round each other, displacing each other to create something new
An imaginary fiction
A narrative that steps between, across and through
A translation of a performance

A space for personal reflection between the images and the narration
Strands of conversation get stuck
All the work we have done has been a total waste
A network of divergent, convergent and parallel times
To interpret, represent, connect and intervene
To expose and make visible the power structures
Looking for something around you, you drown in the smaller sounds

Intermingling stories
Shift through space
Poetic situatedness
The memories
Your memories?
The details, the traces
How do you know if they belong to someone else?

Travelling through the intimate and personal towards the collective and universal
Identities in transition
Territorial geopolitics
Socio-spatial disputes
Expressions of desire
Physical spaces through time and memories
Through stories, objects, portraits, historical moments
Some analogue image of that city, reminds you of nothing